by Gifdead


Ethereum Mainnet mainnet


6% Royalty

COFFINS is an inclusive generative art collection from Gifdead living on the Ethereum blockchain.

When you mint a COFFINS NFT, you randomly generate a unique coffin in real time that becomes part of your imprint on humanity. The total supply will be determined by you, the collectors, and locked forever when the mint is closed at midnight on 12/13.



  • Starts Wednesday, November 15 at 2pm PST
  • Mint price is ~$9 plus gas
  • ETH or Credit Card accepted
  • Mint closes December 14 at 12am PST
  • Art and metadata reveals immediately


A coffin may represent many things. While commonly understood as a symbol of death, one can be viewed as much more. As a life lived, full of complexity, emotion, dreams, and meaningful connections. Or perhaps as a portal into another parallel. Ancient civilizations decorated stone sarcophaguses with ornate masonry and valuable objects, imbuing their heroes with glory beyond mortality.

COFFINS examines the relationships between the reductive nature of humanity, our desire to adorn our lives with symbols, how specific objects inherit meaning, and the concept of completion.


  • Inclusive generative art drop on Ethereum
  • Over 400 unique traits
  • Allow List grants 2 free mints during Presale (just pay gas)
  • PRESALE starts 11/13 at 7pm PST, ends 11/15 at 1pm PST
  • PUBLIC SALE starts 11/15 at 2pm PST, ends 12/14 at 12am PST
  • Immediate reveal for artwork & metadata
  • Mint price is ~$9 plus gas
  • Credit cards accepted


NFTs minted