Multi-Passionate Social Impact Filmmaker 🎥✨🌍 based in📍Austin, TX. 1st NFT in the works since 2018 🧮🥧 my genesis art film entitled “Beyond Here” highlights the need for building accountable decentralized social media systems. How will humanity tackle the challenge of identity, control, surveillance & manipulation when data is captured in the hands of the few at the expense of the many? As a native Austinite, I started filmmaking in 2008 as a citizen journalist covering social justice movements for Austin Indymedia. I believe in the power of self-expression to motivate and inspire change. Now working on social impact campaigns to create positive transformations for communities. I’m on Clubhouse to provide knowledge from over a decade of experience in the world of media, filmmaking and storytelling as well as connect with others in the industry. Other film and video projects include travel, fashion, lifestyle, art, design, documentary, sustainability, and technology. Founder of ZCreative Media, a video marketing agency designed to grow your target audience and increase ROI.


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