Kwame “Symbolik” Newman-Bremang is an award-winning New Media experiential artist. He believes in convergent blended-media practice that draws from the best of traditional storytelling coupled with the possibilities of emergent formats, to engage, inform, and augment our REAL human experience. Kwame got his start through his participation in Hip Hop culture. He wrote, recorded, participated in radio as well as live theatrical Hip Hop productions, directed video productions and released material, such as his Breath of Existence album and his contribution to LEN’s release “Cryptik Souls Crew” with Sony Music. After working in video game production houses, on consul and mobile game releases with major brands such as Microsoft, Atari, and Acclaim, Kwame went back to school as a mature student and earned his BFA in New Media and his MA Interactive Digital Media Production at Ryerson U. Kwame focused on Augmented Reality, Location Driven Stories, and 360 Virtual Reality narrative. Kwame went on to found MixItMedia Inc. and Outpost (operating out of South Africa). Kwame developed concepts, produced, and directed 360 VR productions with companies and organizations such as Northside Hip Hop Archive, the Toronto Public Library, Brand Momentum, Ryerson University, and the City of Johannesburg. Telling institutional stories with 360 VR, Kwame deepened in his belief that digital media and stories are most impactful when they are anchored to real-world action, change and engagement.


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