Breathing Underground


My professional career as an artist began in 1972 when Charles Feingarten Galleries contracted my work for two years and where I debuted in 1974 with a one-man show. Henry Seldis of the Los Angeles Times wrote; ’William Stoneham’s paintings are at their best when at their weirdest. In those instances, the young artist comes close to inventing the first truly, neo-surrealist painting I have encountered to date that extends the surrealist fantasies into the contemporary realm. The best works here deserve the attention of collectors devoted to traditional surrealism without objecting to a good many new and startling twists.’ Only one painting sold in the show, ‘The Hands Resist Him’, a portrait of myself as a five-year-old child. The piece has been enjoying some fame on the internet as the ‘eBay haunted painting’ and more recently as one of the world’s most haunted paintings.


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