Rebecca Tolk


For over 25 years, fine art photographer Rebecca Tolk has created sensitive and exquisite photography experiences to achieve the quality results she is known for. Featured internationally, Rebecca has captured a range of clients from Hollywood actors to Congressional candidates, though her true passion is to explore our relationships with ourselves and with the natural world. Inspiration arrives through her surroundings, her daily wanderings through meadows, gardens and forests. Rebecca’s artwork is intensely personal, as nature is her sanctuary and she has never let go of her child-like wonder for it. It is where she is most captivated by the unexpected details and subtle intricacies, the tiny worlds that are much overlooked in our daily routines. Yet when we pause, there is vibrant life all around us in the smallest of spaces, an entire universe of enchantment and mystery. It is through photography that she is best able to express her respect and fascination for the natural world and our relationship with it’s magic and mystery.


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