I have cumulatively 90 Graduate Hours in the American and then Catholic Higher Educational system combined. Former Roman Catholic seminarian and turned canidate for Monastic Life. Former High School Teacher at a Catholic school where my principal at my evaluation meeting said I was an expert in Theology. I have an MA. History and a MA Secondary Ed. Additionally, at a Benedictine monastary, I recieved12 graduate hours in Philosophy and 6 graduate hours in Theology. Recently, I've left Catholism for Orthodoxy, exchanging East for West. I love the Western Church- "Latin" in the Latin language means "West." I've written some poetry as well- Eng. Lit. Minor in college. My primary interests now are Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa ( i.e. The Roman Empire) during the First Millennium. I love the Latin and Greek languages. I really hope you profit from my work here. May the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords be with you. And thank you for your purchase. If my NFT's are approved, memes will be in the 5 USDC range each, books of poetry will be 11 USDC range each, and my past and present Facebook posts ( I have done a lot of work there) will be 4.50 USDC. General Educational Material and Teaching Suggestions will be 5.50 USDC. Excellent prices for what you will get. 😀


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