Jaime Byrd


I’ve been a working artist for most of my life as a musician, filmmaker, and painter. I've studied fine art in collage and after working in acrylic for many years I'm now creating artwork in oil paint, cold wax, ash, sand, and mark making on wood panels. I've had exhibitions in both the US and Mexico. My paintings are inspired by nature, travel, and the colors of Appalachia, Europe, and Mexico. It is also color and texture that I use as a way to provoke strong emotions. I use texture to sometimes instill calmness, desire, aversion, or tension. Light and architecture play an important part in how I create a sense of place, and hopefully it’s these places where a viewer can connect, discover, explore, and take on a journey. I have created a series that during the pandemic brought a lot of joy and light to people during a dark time. This inspired me to share my work with the NFT world as well. I hope that people will find love, light, and even some inspiration through my work.


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