Edwin Tobias


When I was a kid I was always enamored with the idea of another world within the depths of our imagination something we can create. I fiending for that power with all the energy I could muster so when I got my first computer at age 14 I got to work challenging myself to learn the hardest DCC (Digital content creation) software. I failed many times, but I learned the language of 3D graphics until I understood every parameter. When I graduated High school I decided I would get a job and save up for a computer so I could start my career as a 3D generalist, from Truck dispatcher, to fast food cashier, to valet attendant for a hospital I would use all my free time to get on my slow laptop to post art gifs on Everything was going according to plan I was saving up my tips for a custom pc and the day had came for me to purchase the parts when suddenly I come to a crossroads that would determine my future forever. My fiancé was having family disagreements left and right she become fed up and demanded I give up on my dream to become a 3D artist... we were poor at the time so there were time were she had to sleep in my car to make ends meet so the amount of cash I had saved up would help us start a life together in our own place... I asked her for time to at least try and see If I can go anywhere. I said no, I couldn't give up my dream. We split 3 days before the wedding. Ever since that day I was determined to make money from 3D or else I felt like It would all be for nothing. Ever since I been all in learning the craft of personal expression with 3D. Hope you can stay around to see what I make. ☺ Oh yeah and I also teach with my online education company (website launching soon) ☺


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