#1 Destination for all things NFTs, Tokens, DAOs and crypto in the deserts of Southern California. Local NFT directory and marketplace for NFT Art, Collectibles, Galleries, Consultants, Agencies, Tokens and Education. Learn to mint and sell your NFT, connect with local vetted professionals, accept bitcoin, satoshis, and Alt-coins in your business, get on the blockchain, legally and efficiently. Showcase your NFTs, earn crypto (and soon $LOQL) Call for a workshop or AMA for your members, at your business, for your investment club. *** Created at Desert Crypto - Startup Studios and Workshops, home of: • Desert Crypto Creator Conference & Festival • The CoachellaNFT Art Project and Museum • The "Own Your Own Memories" Experiment with C.A.M. (Crypto Authenticated Memories) • LOQL - Network of Local NFT City Guides & Marketplace


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