WHEXy Whales

5% Royalty

WHEXy Whales is an NFT project consisting of 4800 unique Whales with different traits like hats, glasses, shirts, backgrounds, etc.

Minting & Royalties (How they will be used*): 25% to whale conservation charities 25% buys WHEX for WHEXDAO staking pools. 25% to marketing and administrative costs 25% founder pay

*Transacted after each 100 mints, or for royalties, each $1000 accumulated)

Why mint a WHEXy whale today?

  1. help real life whales

  2. get airdropped WHEXcosystem DAO tokens and participate in determining the future of the project.

  3. Participate in mint out rewards:

1916-2099: 0.275 ETH

2100-2399: Typical Tiger NFT

2400-2999: 0.55 ETH

3000-3599: Apocalyptic Ape NFT

3600-4199: 0.825 ETH

4200-4799: Lazy Lion NFT

  1. Access to getting a custom ENS subdomain of WHEXy.eth

  2. Access to an exclusive discord chat

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