Tiny Punk Opossums

8.5% Royalty

Tiny Punk Opossums is a cc0 project, inspired by NFT greats like CryptoPunks, Tiny Dinos, Weird Whales, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Our main goal is to help others. In series one, there are 384 unique traits in a 10k collection. Background colors are inspired by those iconic collections and collecting is incentivized by limited edition airdrops. Some traits are shared with nouns, weird whales, and tiny dino's as well. A free public mint with 25% of creator fees reinvested into the project, and 25% of all proceeds and creator fees donated directly to a nonprofit lyme disease treatment foundation.

All future series of tiny opossum NFT's will also donate to lyme disease patients in their fight against lyme disease and other tickborne infections. Opossums are our warriors against ticks, as they make up a large part of their diet. They help protect us from tickborne illnesses just by being themselves.

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