Gold Battle Pass Season One - The Kingdom of Sakaar

Gold Battle Pass Season One - The Kingdom of Sakaar

5% Royalty

The Sakaar Battle Pass, will act as a founder's pass to The Kingdom of Sakaar, granting holders access to exclusive Seasonal Missions & Challenges, exclusive NFT's & The Sandbox assets (Sakaar themed and more), special whitelist access for the SakGoblins NFT mint, Access to the locked Discord channels, Entries into the monthly NFT & msand raffle and much, much more. There are 4 tiers to the season pass, each with additional benefits. The Kingdom is a Free-2-Play game built in The Sandbox Metaverse. The games economy operates under what we call a "Fortnite" Hybrid style business plan. We already own land in and have built one finished game and will continue to update and expand it over the seasons. Monthly updates and new Missions implemented with every version released will keep the game new and fresh for all players. When we reach 75% of the Season 1 Battle Pass sold, we will enact the Play-2-Earn for the remainder of the season. More information on the Official website.

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