The Fungibles

The Fungibles

10% Royalty

This is code as art. An ERC721 ethereum blockchain experiment where each NFTs visual identity changes daily, dynamically-on-chain and derived from the last 30 days of each cryptocurrency's latest trading data. The Fungibles are A.I. generative code with a visual human emotional trait portraying the coin's current sentiment on social media. Cryptocurrencies that cease trading, reach their end of life and get frozen in time! New successfully trading cryptocurrencies that are born are bred into a NFT and thereafter join the smart contract automatically.

The game of The Fungibles is an experiment that will evolve with time. The genesis and the evolution will differ with time through a journey of visual evolution.

Total Supply of over #13930 on our smart contract which is based on actively traded coins on recognised exchanges, each NFT is unique and only one will ever be minted.

Everyday, only the top 10,000 NFTs get to play! Therefore the NFT visual emotions leave and enter the game depending on their progress as capitalised coins.

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