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You've heard about it's here! Web3 (or Web 3.0) is the latest iteration of the internet using blockchain technology. While still in the very early stages, Web3 offers a tremendous opportunity for businesses to integrate their marketing & community building efforts using a decentralized system.

Your Ops Guy and our business partners (The Lab at Food Fight Studios) are focused on bridging the gap between traditional Web2 business strategies into Web3 applications. Digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Internal Token-Based Ecosystems are quickly showcasing the value added propositions that customers are looking for when deciding on which companies to do business with. These same digital assets open a very wide door to lucrative and profitable B2B partnership & cross marketing opportunities. Web3 technologies are turning traditional marketing costs into a revenue generating tools.

OPS NFTs offer a unique collectable and tradable experience as you learn Web3.

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