The KEKASHIC Records

The KEKASHIC Records

4.2% Royalty

In another dimension, far, far closer than you think. There lies a magical land of FROGPEOPLE. Beyond the FROG GATE and 3 Stars to the left of the FROGSTAR lies "The Frogdom of KEKNESIA". A land from whence all Frogs came.

FROGGATE is a portal Through which fell the original BOOK OF PEPE. An annal of records that fell through the gate many Eons ago and from, legend has it. All Trading cards were born.

Today The KEKASHIC RECORS acts as a repository of all articats that have since been discovered.

Consisting of Portraits of the original PEPESTROCRACY, the first frog people to pass through the FROGGATE, The original still largely untranslated texts of the BOOK of PEPE, a host of NOTPEPE talismen, whom were the first to evolve here on earth. Long before the days of THOTH. Along with many more wonderous curiosities.

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