Expressions of Beauty

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This series was created in both Paris and Germany after hip surgery in 2019. Pre-surgery, I was stuck in a small apartment in Paris with not much mobility. Post surgery, I recuperated at my parent's home in the countryside of Germany. It was a time of great loneliness and colors seemed gray. But as I sat in my apartment in Paris, I observed the colorful wonder and beauty of life all around me, and the series 'Expressions of Beauty' was born.

Hans Uder is a German Artist who started his acting career in Los Angeles, then moving on to set design and production, and then on to his love of creating art and storytelling.

Collectors of this series are granted the following:
*Option to have the physical artwork shipped to your home. *Early access to future collections. *Downloadable High-Resolution Scanned photo of the piece. *#UDERART Collector's Club Membership (#irl experiences, merch, VIP)

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