Fortuitous Five

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“Fortuitous Five” is a limited generative art collection comprising of 50 unique pieces. Fortuitous is defined as “happening by a lucky chance; fortunate.” The hope for this collection is that by utilizing simple visual elements and an algorithm that utilizes random numbers, each piece will fortuitously create a visually compelling piece.

Each piece starts with 5 different visual elements including, a half circle, quarter circle outline, multiple dots, multiple lines and a plus symbol. Using an algorithm that generates a series of random numbers, each element is duplicated, placed on the canvas and scaled based on these random numbers. There are five possible color schemes, Edgewater, Coral Candy, Wild Rice, Mona Lisa and Wild Sand. Wild Sand had a 5% chance of happening.

Original owners will get a free 8.5x11 print included with their purchase. DM me with your address to receive your print.

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