Butterflies in Space! x NASA's Artemis-I Launch Tickets

10% Royalty

Set your calendar and all shall be revealed:

August 29th at 8:33am EDT

Joseph Munisteri's "Butterflies in Space!" book is onboard NASA's Artemis-I Shuttle to the moon! This is via a link to the book and Joseph Munisteri("Butterflies in Space Joe") name and portfolio and NFT's. This project is not officially sponsored by NASA but was created through one of NASA's community outreach projects. These NFT's get you Exclusive access to a special "Butterflies in Space! x Artemis-I" Virtual Launch and Splash down party where you get to witness the Artemis-I launch up to and splashdown from the moon with a copy of Joe's book onboard! As well as a special full read of the book by Joe himself!

The NFTs are of the Tickets NASA gave Joe stating his book and name are onboard and a few special variants of those tickets with a special Artemis-I logo created to commemorate the launch and "Butterflies in Space! x Artemis-I" by Joseph Munisteri

Be sure to subscribe to Joe's "Butterflies in Space" Ethereum Push Notification Channel(EPNS) so you wont miss any updates!

*This is a Carbon Neutral Collection that will eventually become Carbon Negative via purchase of Carbon Offset Credits via Aerial.

**This Collection will be airdropped to everyone who claimed a copy of the POAP NFT that came with Joe's book "Butterflies in Space! Pocket Edition" and redeemed before the Snapshot Joe took of the Eth addresses claimed 1 week before the Artemis-I Launch.

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