The Mirror Towers Membership Pass 2022

22% Royalty

A membership gives you access to an art loft of your own that you can have personalized by our development team, where you can exhibit art, sell real world items, provide live services, experience live performances, classes, watch movies, and interact with a community of crypto and metaverse pioneers like yourself! It also includes a private miniverse where your can have an invite only, ticketed fully personalized space! We will have snapshots of content backed up to the blockchain, domain hosting through ens, web hosting through ipfs, and community governance through our MOA (Metaverse Owners Association) voting.

Standard memberships come with one year access to an art loft studio board meeting room miniverse, a 1 week advertisement credit, community event area shared access and passive marketing services by The NFT DAO community!

Premium memberships include one year access to an art loft studio, a custom miniverse that can be selected from (night club, starship, temple, and more), a 1 week advertisement credit, shared community event area usage, exclusive networking events and access to tools to broaden your market reach, and passive marketing services provided by The NFT DAO community!

We take care of the 3D design and blockchain integration so you can focus on your art and business! Floor plans can be found in our yellow paper at

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