Sagittarius A* Kitchen by Quantum Variant

10% Royalty

Sagittarius A* Kitchen (QV_SA*K) is an NFT collection minted randomly on Ethereum using a Smart Contract owned and controlled by Quantum Variant with a limit of 276 1/1 ERC 721 Tokens.

The artwork was created using shapes, equations, & algorithms triggered by time, space, and organized color pallets. Inspired by the way stars orbit around the supermassive black hole (Sagittarius A-Star) in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. As they transit around this massive gravitational point, their light gets distorted causing incredible variations in the density, inertia, and spectrums. Gravitational lensing occurs, bending and warping the fabric of space-time around the black hole.

Using 3 types of particles (circles, squares, triangles), distributed on spheres, set to randomized orbits around a central gravity point, with a probability of 15 color spectrums, out of 7 variations of lensing, gravity, density, and inertia. Thousands generated and hand-curated down to 276 pieces for this collection.

Based on the beautiful color palette of Karen Jerzyk's “The Astronaut's Kitchen.”, which was gifted to me by NovoCrypto.

Once 100% Sold Out we will be offering signed custom prints to NFT holders to purchase for a limited time.* *(size / price / material / timeframe to be determined)

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