Astral Plan PLASMA

5% Royalty

AP: PLASMA IS A FREE MINT NFT! Astral Plan: PLASMA owners have access to The Astral Plan(e) and will be able to receive future benefits and Airdrops. Astral Plan: PLASMA is a unique collection of 897 individual and one-of-a-kind NFTs. Unearth the ethereal power of PLASMA.

Astral Plan is the creator of Astral Plan Original and Astral Plan: PLASMA. Astral Plan a collection of unique NFT collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to make our NFT community the center theme of our universe, get it? We also plan to allow access to our special website called "The Astral Plan(e)" where verified owners can take advantage of web3 applications and other NFT purchasing and selling tools - all designed by our in-house developers and funded by secondary NFT sales. We are a FREE MINT NFT!

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