When the lights go out

10% Royalty

I was in a Twitter space with Jed and some other Africans, and we were discussing power outages they were experiencing. I remembered that I had written a song about this after reading an article about how badly outages affect people in the developing world. I played the demo and Jed got excited about singing it. We recorded it and released it through Distrokid. At the time of this writing ‘When the lights go out’ has gotten over 50K spins on Instagram reels in a week. We (JED XO and Terence Shaw) are releasing this limited edition NFT as a 45/45 split, with 10% going to Habitat for Humanity. We will be releasing more music, and after a few months, will cherrypick the best and create an EP. Then if we are still having fun…do it again. We are keeping the price low so you can collect without breaking your wallet. Included in this drop is the MP4 of the full song and video tour of the DAW mix seshion in time with the song. Let’s go!

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