Happy Kilgoreween

10% Royalty

Happy Kil-Gore-Ween is an NFT collection of 10,000 Kilgore characters designed by Justen Kilgore and powered by The Drop Brothers. They have various costumes, haunted faces, digital accessories, backgrounds, clothing, headwear, accessories, and colors. Purchase one for yourself!These NFTs grant access to the Kil-Gore-Ween Experience, a thrilling Halloween Weekend filled with activities, surprises, and Haunts!

The Happy Kil-Gore-Ween Halloween Experience Roadmap (update) Participate in one of a kind Thrill-tilities on Halloween Day.

  1. Kil-Gore-Ween Scoot Scoot Trick or Treat at Dusk
  2. Kil-Gore-Ween Smash Party at Wreck Room at Night
  3. Kil-Gore-Ween NFT After Party at Midnight
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