Cryptilian Art®


Founder of Cryptilian Art® Cryptilian Art - a metamorphosis of one form into another, a photograph into a painting. When I snap a photograph, it is more than just a captured moment in time. This photo will serve as a template for making several digital paintings. I first transform the picture through a shape-shifting proccess and along the way I remove various objects that I visualize. These objects and patterns are later used to create several final works of art. Each photograph I capture and the various art pieces I create from it, together form a Collection. It is important to understand, that each Artwork in my Genesis Collection(or any Collection I create) are all a re-creation of 1 single photograph. I call this photo the "Roots" of a Collection. Since it is the beginning of the creation process. These "roots" then feed the tree(my physical self), which then channels this energy through it's many branches(my personalities), and as a result the Tree produces many fruit🍎🍒🍑🍊🥭🍐(Artworks). This unique process is what I call Cryptilian Art®. It should also be noted that at no point throughout this process is anything hand drawn or digitally drawn. I simply transform the photograph, visualize things, remove what I've visualized, then re-assemble these items into a greater vision(the artwork). The physical mutation and visual transformation is not the only thing "Cryptilian" represents. It in fact defines me as the persons I am today and who I've had to be throughout my time here on Earth. I lived much of my childhood and early adulthood in fear of disappointing those closest to me. During those years this was primarily my family, and God. Due to many unfortunate things that happened to me as a young boy and the fear of being judged and dissapointing the people around me, I never once sought help. Instead, I developed another version of myself. He was a funny, outgoing, and confident person that everyone enjoyed being around. But this was merely who I projected myself as and a way to hide the damaged child that I was on the inside. Much like a Reptilian changing its physical appearence from Lizard to Human, I have spent much of my life hiding my inner-self & masking over all emotions and pain, so that I could meet the expectations of those I looked up to during those years. Today, I no longer live in fear of being judged by anyone. Although, I have spent several years struggling to identify with my true self. But by being more open and sharing my past with others, it has tought me that I am very much not alone. Many of us have had an unfortunate start to our lives but it doesn't have to dictate our future. We can still create a new path for ourselves. It's never too late. Through Photography, Art, and other creative outlets. I have discovered ways to reconnect with my childhood self. By sharing my art with the rest of the world I hope to meet others who may share similar life experiences and collaborate with the many other creators who are passionate about crypto and NFT's.


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