Coopstar Tooth Hurty


Coopstar Tooth Hurty is an NFT digital artist from the north of England who’s been creating digital art since the 1980s. A graduate from the School of Art and Design at Wolverhampton University, Coopstar Tooth Hurty was part of an art collective that created art from many mediums including glass, ceramics, painting, metal, wood and mixed media. The collective also hosted notorious parties, often taking over neighbouring houses and knocking down the fences in-between to create mini festivals in the grimy urban landscape of inner city Wolverhampton. Then things got real, Coopstar Tooth Hurty had been making animated art in Macromedia Flash for fun, but there was no career in it, so he got a job in advertising and became an Art Director. And there he thought he’d stay for his entire career – he needed to pay his rent and feed his kids and digital art wasn’t going to cut it. Flash forward 25 years and the birth of crypto and NFTs has reignited Coopstar Tooth Hurty’s passion for digital art. He’s started creating digital art again for no other purpose than to create beautiful things. Oh and for fun. And if you’re interested, he uses Blender 3D, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create his NFT art.


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