Constellation Coffee


💰 📱 ☕️ ETH is Money & MATIC is cash Use that cash to buy the ever more scarce commodity known as coffee. These NFTs are a collectible receipt for a full import bag of coffee (~130#), roasted and shipped in 2 # units within the continental US. Fair value commodity exchange mitigates risk on the speculative aspect of digital collectibles. Images shown are the front label of the bag of coffee that will be packaged & shipped. I can ship the 2# bags individually to whomever you would like. Pre-roast weight of import bag is 130ish pounds. Post roast weight is around 114#. So this could be 57 individual 2# bags of coffee, each shipped on their own. It can be broken in to larger shipments if you please. Seems that you cannot contact me here, so go ahead and hit me up on twitter.


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