IKAROS: Part 1


IKAROS ( Collection of 5 NFTs ) Our Cells to Teach Ourselves to Live "IKAROS" is a journey of self-realization shared through the mediums of dance and technology. Within this environment, the interplay between molecular identity and spirituality is explored. Through five film vignettes, this story of personal discovery transforms our understanding of who we are and what exists inside us. IKAROS is a collaboration between Comita+Lee and VolvoxLabs. ARTISTS BIO VolvoxLabs [VVOX] VVOX is an award-winning interactive and experiential design studio blending high-end content with code and sound to create immersive and virtual platforms. Driven by motion and the unpredictable, chaos and equilibrium, between the organic and artificial, VVOX's inspiration is manifested through digital sculptures, immersive audiovisual installations, and responsive live performances. VVOX has created a space to explore the tension between nature, humans, and technology by visualizing dichotomies, juxtaposing or merging technologies, and bridging interdisciplinary fields including art, science, and architecture. Comita + Lee Comita + Lee are an artistic duo who push boundaries with their approach to gothic surrealism. Through photography and video, they cultivate mysterious worlds that fuse dark glamour with alternative culture. Working in series, they create images that examine themes of mythology, sexuality, and gender-fluidity. Shot in color and black and white, their compositions offer the viewer a rich, interactive dialogue. Mysteriously evocative, Comita + Lee’s photographs reflect paradoxical relationships aligned with the concept of the sublime. Uniting vignettes of eerie calm with deep chasms of drama, they encapsulate a single moment that stretches into a story. Channeling unique perspectives, Comita + Lee explore the limits of reason with their contemporary vision. Comita + Lee have exhibited nationally, including Art Basel, Miami, FL, the Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, NJ; Kola House, New York, NY; The duo live and work between New York, NY and Joshua Tree, California. In Part I of IKAROS we begin our journey through a series of digital sculptures which together form a story of personal development. When viewed independently, each sculpture has its own unique teaching. The collection consist of 5 unique NFT animations: Journey of Self Discovery Cellular Breakdown DNA Dance Body as Teacher Answers are in the Patterns Each NFT comes with a 55" display and custom framing with a seamless NFT playback. Our team will be in touch with collectors to establish a delivery and installation timeline.


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