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Polygon Mainnet matic


10% Royalty

Santanu Hazarika is a self-taught artist and rising visionary who continually pushes the boundaries of creativity. His portfolio serves as a testament to his versatility, boasting partnerships with Adidas, Reebok, Porsche, Budweiser, Lenovo, Red Bull, Dust of Gods, Chivas, Dewars, and Levi’s. Santanu has also made strides in the entertainment industry, collaborating with Lil Baby, Divine, Major Lazer, Gully Gang, Raftaar, and Ritviz.

At the forefront of India's Web 3 movement, Santanu is celebrated for his groundbreaking collaborations. His NFT project with Ritviz stands out, achieving unprecedented success by selling out in just 37 seconds.

Santanu's candid personality and unwavering has garnered him a massive and dedicated social media following. Beyond being an artist, he assumes the role of a mentor, inspiring aspiring creators with his extensive knowledge and expertise.

Ready to expand his creative horizons, Santanu has launched this collection on Blind Boxes.

IMPORTANT: Each Polygon-based NFT from this collection is an airdrop pass which grants its possessor:

  • One free airdrop of an Ethereum-based NFT created by the artist
  • One JPEG and a physical piece (for certain editions)
  • One randomly allocated $BLES bonus airdrop

To claim the final items, the Polygon NFT must undergo a burning process.

For questions, ask an admin within the Blind Boxes Telegram channel.

This collection has been launched through a partnership between Blind Boxes and TheUpsideSpace.

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