Red Fern Valley

SpacePirate Games

by SpacePirate Games


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Venture into the enigma of Red Fern Valley with 999 cryptic cover art renditions. Each NFT not only holds its unique allure but also beckons you into our comic realm, commencing with the chilling Issue #1

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Red Fern Valley, brought to life by SPG, presents a gripping digital art collection, showcasing 999 distinct cover interpretations, each drawn from the haunting cover art of Red Fern Valley issue #1. A deep dive into indie horror, the collection salutes the thrilling video game and its comic twin. Nestled in Montana's rustic beauty is Red Fern Valley — a remote county home to an abandoned town and a mysterious national park, isolated from contemporary existence. Amidst its ominous quietude, survivors, both veteran and naive, wrestle with a reality overshadowed by genuine terrors and persistent specters. Each piece of art from Red Fern Valley becomes a window into its enigmatic and spine-chilling narratives.


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