Magic Gemys

by Horus


Polygon Mainnet matic


5% Royalty

This collection consists of 500 unique 4K 3D NFTs.

Each NFT encompasses up to 10 properties and incorporates an evaluation system that indicates the rarity of each character, delighting both collectors and investors alike.

The Gemys collection NFT minting is divided into several phases:

– The initial 100 NFTs are available for minting at a price of 10 Matic.

– The second minting phase will offer an additional 100 NFTs for minting at a price of 20 Matic.

– The third minting phase will make another 100 NFTs available for minting at a price of 30 Matic.

– The fourth minting phase will provide another 100 NFTs for minting at a price of 40 Matic.

– The fifth minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 50 Matic.

– Finally, the last minting phase will offer the remaining NFTs for minting at a price of 80 Matic.

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Who are the Gemys ?

The Gemys are charming creatures that inhabit the magical mountains.

Each Gemy possesses a unique personality, giving rise to a rich and diverse community.

Some Gemys are mischievous and love playing pranks on other mountain dwellers. Their playful antics bring a touch of mischief and laughter to their daily lives.

On the other hand, some Gemys are ambitious and enjoy power. They strive to stand out and exert their influence within the community. Their skills and charisma give them a leadership aura.

Despite these more turbulent personalities, most Gemys are kind-hearted and gentle. They are filled with compassion and are ready to assist their mountain companions in times of need.

They are known for their generosity and ability to forge deep connections with other magical creatures that populate the surroundings.

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