WolfPak Art

Matthew Goodrich

by Matthew Goodrich


Ethereum Mainnet mainnet


98.99% Royalty

100% of the proceeds (donation minus 2.5% platform fees and any CC fees) from your primary donation mint will go to the missions of two non-profits, Urban Surf 4 Kids (80%) and HJM Foundation (20%).

The contract revenue split has only two addresses, one belonging to each non-profit and your PFP avatar will include the EIN of each 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the description so you don't have to search for it later.

Urban Surf 4 Kids ERC20 Wallet Address: 0x844Cc3e0A7F64cdBD75d58D59d4c4849541ab6FB

HJM Foundation ERC20 Wallet Address: 0xFD368d2af98b2055Af3d6dE457c89C2dd7554BE0

98.99% secondary royalty means that non-profit gets the secondary sale royalty so that the NFT has no real world 'value' so it can be considered tax deductible.

100% of royalties set on each platform will go to charity.

LooksRare secondary sale royalty: 95% Rarible secondary sale royalty: 50% OpenSea secondary sale royalty: 10%

When you list each item for secondary sale on a platform that supports EIP-2981 (e.g. LooksRare), the 98.99% (95% after fees) royalty goes to charity so you can use the NFT to fundraise for our community and spread to joy of giving to charity.

When EIP-2981 is honored by marketplaces the full secondary sales royalty set in the contract will go to charity.

[Please DO NOT USE OPENSEA, (max 10% royalty) or other non EIP-2981 supporting platforms].

  • Dox - wolfpak.art hjmfoundation.org us4k.org matthewgoodrich.com
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