WHEXy Whales


5% Royalty

Why mint a WHEXy whale today?

  1. help real life whales

  2. get airdropped WHEXcosystem DAO tokens and participate in determining the future of the project.

  3. Access to getting a custom ENS subdomain of WHEXy.eth

  4. Access to an exclusive discord and telegram chats

  5. Use WHEXy whale in your company or merch store or partner with WHEXcosystem Inc. and split the profits.

WHEXy Whales is an NFT project consisting of 4800 unique Whales with different traits like hats, glasses, shirts, backgrounds, etc.

Minting & Royalties (How they will be used*):

25% to whale conservation charities

25% buys WHEX for WHEXDAO staking pools.

25% to marketing and administrative costs

25% founder pay

*Transacted after each 100 mints, or for royalties, each $1000 accumulated)


NFTs minted

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