TheBattleBunnies (Series 1)

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by Your Ops Guy


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First, The Elite Guard successfully protected Imaginuk Falls and the magical waters that give them power, then 5 other classes of Battle Bunnies joined the fight before being attacked by the Samurai Squirrels in The Invasion Collection. Now, Series 1 Battle Bunnies have gathered here, gearing up for 1st-of-its kind showdown. Ghost Bunnies, Dragons, & Samurai Squirrels will meet here for an epic clash to determine who will control the land.

About the project: The Battle Bunnies are on a quest to become the premier IP franchise in the NFT space. These cute but tough characters are created by artists Christa + Frank LaNatra & developed by creative partner Food Fight Studios and the Battle Bunnies community. Collectively, an NFT Franchise with the world’s first community-written novel has begun! Join to be a part of the adventure!

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