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10% Royalty

RAYC 3D is an ultra exclusive group of Rare Apepe Yacht Club maxis who exemplify the highest standard of Apepe Pride anywhere on earth.

We exist to serve the community and to do whatever is in our power to help Rare Apepe Yacht Club become the pure embodiment of a Blue Chip NFT.

Cost of Membership = 0.1 ETH


Ultra Exclusive Club + Super Rare RAYC 3D NFTs.

All Membership funds go into the RAYC 3D WALLET which will be used to sweep the Rare Apepe Yacht Club floor. This should yield about 12 RAYCs.

All Members own a 1% Share in both the swept Rare Apepe Yacht Club NFTs and any royalties that may accrue from members selling to leave the RAYC 3D group. (Royalty is set to 10% to maximize the benefit to the community if anyone decides to leave the group).

There will be a monthly vote in which each member has 1 vote to determine wether the group should sell any of the swept RAYC NFTs (take profits) and or use any Royalties to sweep more RAYC NFTs.

Join Us. We Are RAYC 3D.

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