Ever since I was a little kid I used to pull pranks on people and people in turn pulled pranks on me. This is where part of the inspiration for the "punks" word comes in.

Also I am super interested in the crypto punks and how each punk traded for a lot of Ethereum. I decided to put my own twist on them hence the name- Sid Punks!


1)\ install Metamask extension.

2)After that, purchase Ethereum inside of your Metamask via a credit or debit card, or transfer Ethereum to your Metamask wallet via a Crypto broker such as Kucoin, or Binance.

  1. Purchase a punk and get one at random, by clicking on the mint button on the website.

4)Contact me on my socials.


  1. More punks will be added in the future, holders will get access to female punks.


Owners of my NFT get access to a two hour private lesson with me on how to create their own NFT collection from scratch with Integration of AWS.

Message me on social once purchased NFT.

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NFTs minted