OWLV - DAO Duffels

ย ยทย 

5% Royalty

Purpose: 2,222 "OWLV - DAO Duffels" will establish the CarryTheKey.com DAO. | Benefits: Each Duffel NFT is a share of payouts from the CTK DAO. Holders of Duffels and CTK Key NFTs will be paid by the DAO. | Building the DAO: All further CTK collections will pay into the CTK DAO. All CTK licensing deals will pay into the DAO. | Short Term: A.R./V.R. App will be funded by the DAO and feature OWLV bags with Swappable Traits. These apps will pay back into the DAO via Ad Revenue and In-App Purchases. | Welcome to the CTK DAO. Enjoy your new revenue stream ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿฆ‰


NFTs minted

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