First Wave Heroes

The Saviour Project

by The Saviour Project


Ethereum Mainnet mainnet


10% Royalty

Birthed from a secret black book project known only as "The Saviour Project", a fusion of advanced recovered "exotic" materials and futuristic blockchain technology by experimental Xeno-biologists and cybernetic engineers from multiple nations. A revolutionary and world-changing super-soldier formula was crafted by some of Earth's most brilliant minds. Deep in the belly of the world's most secretive black site R&D lab, a Techno-biological prophylactic was created and is now being tested, unofficially called "Serum R", this serum was made to revolutionize combat, advanced recognizance, search and rescue by enhancing strength, speed, stamina, durability and even expand the abilities of homo-sapien itself.

The First Wave Heroes collection is the genesis release from The Saviour Project IP containing 1000 unique hand-drawn randomly generated heroes. These heroes are here to help. Help us, Help others.

~Doxxed ~ + ~Unique Holders Benefits~ + ~Unique Charity Benefits~ + ~Community Driven Project~ + ~Canadian Registered Business~

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