Faces of Eve


by Tekk21


Polygon Mainnet matic


6.33% Royalty

This collection is custom ERC721 smart contracts that we create for you. 100 super rare characters of Eve. The Story: "Eve after ate the forbidden apple, as Ofis told her, she fall to Human Earth from Garden of EdeN. The first 1000 years was living to Human Earth while she was using 100 different faces as she was doomed from God to live eternally and people erase her face for their memories every 10 years passed. Eve was trying to find an "unforgettable" face and finally to break her curse" Collect the rare characters of Eve! Join Eve's story and share it to community!


25% : 3 AIRDROPS to 3 lucky members of our discord community after draw, join us to our OFFICIAL DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ENYMT9y2bB

50%: 100 Matic to 4 members who follow us at our official OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT: https://twitter.com/Tekk21_ (The Faces of Eve 2.0) plus our OFFICIAL DISCORD : https://discord.gg/ENYMT9y2bB

75%: 200 Matic to 2 members who minted 2 NFT’s from our collection. MINT HERE: https://app.niftykit.com/drops/facesofeve

100%: 5 AIRDROPS from our next project, which will be launched soon, to the first 5 minters who are members to our discord and official twitter account

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