Exclusive Pass Bicolor


10% Royalty

Be My NFT is a documentary making the world of NFTs accessible to the mainstream public. This international film with a journalistic tone show this world under construction.

With this Exclusive Pass you're a privileged member of our community ! By owning one of them you directly support the documentary while being in direct contact with the production team and benefiting from exceptional rewards such as :

  • An invitation to the Premiere in Paris and Live in a Metaverse Penthouse
  • An access to a private Discord channel with film-related consultations throught polls
  • Enter a treasure hunt with surprise hidden in the documentary

Plus :

  • An early access to the film
  • An exclusive content based on NFT thematic color
  • Unlock two exclusive themed bonus of your choice (Art, Legal & Security, Entertainment or Metaverse)
  • Director's audio commentary
  • Making-off
  • A ticket to a NFT Masterclass


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