SpindleBeaks by MTFC


by FishCrypto


Ethereum Mainnet mainnet


8% Royalty

Mount This Fish Company, in conjunction with MetaFinz, is proud to release SpindleBeaks, the first NFT membership collection truly dedicated to tech minded avid anglers. SpindleBeaks is a Digital Art Club collection of 1100 unique SpindleBeak Sailfish tailing through the open waters of Web3 unlocking VIP status at Mount This Fish Company. SpindleBeaks flex in numbers and all Spindlebeak holders receive 25% discount on all MountThis.Net orders, are automatically entered into bi-monthly fish mount giveaways plus merch and promotional drops. Additional perks to be dropped back into the spread include co-op Merchandise from elite fishing outfitters, exclusive offers from fishing gear suppliers and VIP status at MTFC sponsored tournaments. Additionally 4 SpindleBeaks are wearing the Mount This Fish Company Digital Art Club logo and holders of these 4 SpindleBeaks receive fish mounts for life. Complete membership details available at https://MountThis.Net/DigitalArtClub

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