Quest of the Shadow Dragon

10% Royalty

While it is light that we always seek we tend to gain the most experience, insights and vision in the shadows. We need a little dirt between our nails, we need a little sense of fear in order to remain more calm when it presents itself again, we need things stripped from our hands to know when we must strengthen our grip and need things to fall apart to tender those very hands. We must not bring anyone into the shadows with us but instead return with experiences gained.

Shadow Dragons are a witness to earths true pulse in a system that doesn’t even know it has a heart. Even with the ability to soar to great heights the Shadow Dragon knows that the spirit of truth is alive at the core... The surface.

This drop includes stills from the short film Quest of the Shadow Dragon filmed in Iceland. Those who embark on the quest will gain access to the Shadow Realm and taken under the wings of the original Shadow Dragon. (Eric Boockford) It would be a great honor to fly by your side!

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