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☐ SHWDOBXO ☐ are a collection of 111 "one-of-one" hand-made 3D designs by JeffJag from May 2021 to February 2022. The intentionally misspelled 'Shadow Boxes' are series 2 of 'Nobody Feels Time.'

☑︎ LOOK DEEPER :: I'm deeply driven by the idea of controlled chaos in Abstract Art. I love the element of experimentation and discovery that comes from being out of control in the way my choices play out. Ultimately I prefer to maintain control over the results.

I love the way this plays out with my watercolor artworks in the way the paint spreads through the water and soaks into the paper. I love the way controlled chaos presents in digital illustration through the use of custom brushes, blending smudge brushes, and distortion tools. In my 3D artwork it plays out through the physics simulations of the objects that fall into the boxes, and the way light interacts with translucent materials by reflecting off and refracting through the objects. The way the sticks and blocks land in the box creates an abstract pattern that I find is beautiful and unique.

I'm also inspired by the way modern rendering software can accurately mimic how light and shadow appear in the real world. I call this look Abstract Realism. The shapes and forms and compositions are geometric with chaotic patterns and colors, but rendered in photo realistic ways. I put a lot of thought and effort into the color and texture of the materials and the box itself, as well as the light sources used. It was all selected and tested to make sure it worked well in color harmony, not just randomly selected.

The basic construct of the SHWDOBXO is a concave box cut out of an infinitely wide and deep surface. Smaller items are dropped into the box. There are short sticks, longer sticks, big blocks, little blocks, other geometric shapes like circles, hexagons, and triangles, and some other random items like mist, clouds and lights.

Light, shadow, materials, and form are the main components of experimentation and the interplay between those elements is what drives each to unique results.

Each image features the results of a dynamic 3D physics simulation. The items are arranged in mid air then dropped into the environment. I choose the best moment in time of the simulation based on the composition of how the items fall. MINT INFO :: ☑︎ Public Sale - Friday March 11th - 0.07𝝣 ☑︎ Reveal - Friday March 18th ☑︎ 1/1 Artworks are minted randomly, not in the order they were created ☑︎ They were created by hand, mouse, wacom tablet, and GPU power. One artwork at a time

CHECK BOXES :: ☑︎ 11% Sold - DESIGN & ANIMATE the final piece of the collection based on community input in a series of twitter polls. The Twitter polls will be ongoing from @SHWDOBXO Twitter. Progress shots and test renders will be posted as I go. ❏ 77% Sold - FINAL ANIMATION will be put up for auction as 1/1 - Everyone who bids will be airdropped a hand selected NFT "cel" or frame from the animation. ❏ 100% Sold - SIGNED PRINTS store of the SHWDOBXO you own. for those who want them (size/price/material tbd) of the tokens you own. This will be an additional purchase due to the shipping/printing costs.

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