A Hard Working Man - Blue Collar Pass - Hustler Edition


7% Royalty

Welcome to the Blue Collar Pass - Hustler Edition sale!

The Blue Collar Pass is your exclusive membership to join the A Hard Working Man NFT project at a discounted price all while being rewarded with holders-only perks and unparalleled membership experiences.

The NFTs are normally $299 and are now $249 for a limited period only in our current presale offering.

Our main drop day will be coming soon. Purchase now and get in early on our VIP presale NFT membership club.

Blue Collar Pass perks:

  1. Pre-purchase your official AHWM NFT at a discounted price

  2. Ability to keep your Blue Collar Pass after public mint

  3. Automatically allowlisted for future AHWM / Animal Concerts NFT drops

  4. Exclusive access to the private “Blue Collar Pass” Discord channel

  5. Premium perks and exclusive giveaways for all Blue Collar Pass holders

Work hard, play harder:

  • Buy 3 or more Hustler Edition NFTs and win access to a private AHWM virtual event ft. Snoop Dogg & Billy Ray Cyrus

  • Buy 5 or more Hustler Edition NFTs and win tickets to party with Snoop Dogg live at an exclusive event

This Blue Collar Pass token will serve as your proof of purchase for when the official A Hard Working Man NFT project goes live. By presenting this proof of purchase during the official public mint, you will be airdropped your A Hard Working Man NFT to the wallet address you used to purchase your Blue Collar Pass sale token.

Terms & Conditions apply - https://ahardworkingmannft.com/terms-conditions/


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