Cairo Sunset

Cairo Sunset


Cairo Sunset 𓁿 before the revolution Cairo Sunset was created by misha de ridder during an artist-in-residence at Townhouse Gallery in downtown Cairo, Egypt, five years before the 25 January Revolution of 2011. On foot, wearing sandals and a long-sleeved shirt blending in with the crowds in the dusty streets of Cairo, misha walked for months through the metropolis during sunset, trying to get a grip on the elusive magical city, looking for something to hold on to, perhaps a place to spend some time alone. The work, apart from a blog, has never been published. Now, fifteen years later, the photographs have been restored and remastered using new digital technology. The proceeds from this NFT sale of a limited number of twenty-two photographs will be used to unlock the entire archive in a photo book. misha de ridder, 2006 (remastered 2021)


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