Builders of Titania by JeffJag


by JEFFJAG.eth


Ethereum Mainnet mainnet


10% Royalty

Builders of Titania by JeffJag ( is a narrative AI Art digital collectible project that contains 1,024 1/1 artworks which show the works in progress of the Builders as they create their ideal world. The Builders are an AGI race of sentient nanobot-based lifeforms (Builders are made of smaller Builders), who were created by the Humans. These scenes take place on the moon Titania of the plant Uranus thousands of years in the future, long after humanity colonized the solar system and eventually became extinct. Explore their world and let the wonders of Titania be revealed to you.

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Contact JeffJag - Schedule with Calendly

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Schedule a call with me! I love speaking with collectors. I have a vision with what I'm building in digital art and collectibles yet I always appreciate a collector who reaches out with information or tips to help me along that path. My DMs are open @jeffjag as well if the video call is too personal.

Builders of Titania Unlocked

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In the spirit of gratitude I wanted to make this section to give back to collectors with files I've made that you might enjoy. The start of this project was literally to just to create cool backgrounds for my phone screen and exploring texture and abstract form. So here you go, here's come cool files you can use on your desktop, laptop, and phone screens that show off the Builders of Titania.


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