by Horus


Polygon Mainnet matic


5% Royalty

This collection consists of 400 unique 4K 3D NFTs.

Each NFT encompasses up to 5 properties and incorporates an evaluation system that indicates the rarity of each character, delighting both collectors and investors alike.

The Fireborns collection NFT minting is divided into several phases:

– The initial 50 NFTs are available for minting at a price of 10 Matic.

– The second minting phase will offer an additional 50 NFTs for minting at a price of 20 Matic.

– The third minting phase will make another 50 NFTs available for minting at a price of 30 Matic.

– The fourth minting phase will provide another 50 NFTs for minting at a price of 50 Matic.

– The fifth minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 70 Matic.

– The sixth minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 100 Matic.

– The seventh minting phase will release 50 additional NFTs for minting at a price of 150 Matic.

– Finally, the last minting phase will offer the remaining NFTs for minting at a price of 200 Matic.

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In a mysterious and enchanting world, three kingdoms coexisted: the underworld, the realm of nature beings, and the human realm. Each kingdom housed individuals with fire-based abilities, forging a delicate yet potent equilibrium.

In the underworld, demons reigned supreme, their bodies engulfed in eternal flames, granting them immeasurable strength. They utilized their fiery powers to craft formidable weapons and incinerate their foes. The undead, too, traversed the darkness, their charred skin radiating the fury of flames, and their touch capable of scorching all in its path.

Within the realm of nature beings, Djinns materialized as fiery whirlwinds, their powers intricately intertwined with the elemental forces of fire. They conjured firestorms, created mesmerizing explosions, and exhibited unmatched control over flames. The fire elementals, living creatures of blazing energy, infused warmth into the atmosphere and unleashed devastating fireballs.

Among the humans, certain individuals were born with the gift of fire. As inheritors of an ancestral lineage of pyromancers, they honed their mastery of flames. Their hands glowed incandescent as they channeled their power, unleashing destructive jets of fire or creating shields of protective heat. They wielded their gift to defend their kingdom and safeguard the innocent from the encroaching darkness.

Despite their disparities, these diverse characters shared a profound connection with fire. They comprehended its capacity for destruction, purification, and illumination. Each, in their own unique way, harnessed the power of fire to shape their world and maintain the delicate balance among the kingdoms.

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