Handi Behric


Handi Behric, born in 1960 on planet Earth. Studied painting and other visual arts at Arthouse - College of Visual Arts, Ljubljana. I'm a Master of art. Currently living in Mengeš - Ljubljana, Slovenia - EU and working as professional graphic designer. The sower of art is the eternal spirit of the universe and a part of it is in me and in you. My art talks to the spirit that is in me and in every human being, because otherwise we would not feel the art. When we feel it, we are connected to the universe. WITH ONE. The world is for man. There is an art in man to mirror it in all sensual beauty and attuned sublimity. At the same time, it gives a person the meaning of life and sometimes also a critical note of where he went because of his free will. In my in-depth different artistic creative autonomy, I seek my own knowledge and perception of the world in all its beauty and incomprehensibility. I want to convey this vigilance to every fellow human being. Basically asked about the structure of the world that science offers us through various concepts and religion is still foggy. United science and art, however, are already giving a new spiritual aspect to man. The appearance of the world is not just what we see and hear. What is it that I do not see but hear and feel? With different artistic language, I enter the unconscious - the idea of the spirit. I am looking for its materiality to give it form and communication with man. I want to contribute to society and culture the mindfulness of the state of feeling and the perception of the incomprehensible. Art has the power to freely enter the unconscious field of the idea of the spirit. He draws from it everything that is still vague, invisible ... what could be is not yet. He sees all the beauty and wisdom of the order of countless suns, makes them aware and invisible to the face. Removing these invisible forms of particles is the creative enthusiasm of the artist, who slowly realizes that he himself is part of this whole. Human expressiveness has no boundaries in this field of spirit. The sublime that touches us comes from the spirit. It comes into us as a kind of unexplained outburst of “WOV effect” or wonders. This direct address always works in a positive context. Noble us for something higher and good, albeit as an unexplained feeling. Real art is the realization of the spirit. From my artistic cognitive research, I notice that matter and spirit are the foundation of art. The simultaneous occurrence of both binds intertwining. The matter cannot be without spirit and the spirit cannot be expressed without it. The matter is nothing but a visible temporary form of trapped - compressed intelligent particles of the spirit. Then we would be obliged to say that the universe has always existed, that the matter in it is eternal ... WEB


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